Permanent Opportunities

Permanent Opportunity Management

We have built our business upon long term sustainable relationships and we believe hiring a permanent member of staff isn’t just about the ‘here and now’. A quick fix; is often a quick failure. Low turnover and high engagement can only be achieved through effective matching. Hire smart, don’t manage tough.

Detailed Specifications

We will take a detailed specification, and if required, help you scope the role. Our aim is for you to get a long-term return on investment, so understanding what kind of individual fits within your business will be as important as understanding the skills, experience and qualifications required. Our consultants work hard to develop and continually grow our extensive networks to bring you the best HR talent. We know all our candidates and in most cases have met with them personally – something most consultancies can’t say. All our candidates undergo a thorough registration and interview process and this ensures that the candidates we introduce to you have been assessed against strict selection criteria and will be accurately matched.