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Bringing Talent To The Table – A Business (not HR) Role

It is widely acknowledged that Talent issues are amongst the most critical challenges facing CEOs and their Boards, yet traditionally the leadership of a talent function does not have direct access to the most senior members of an organisation. Capita, one of the UK’s largest and most successful plcs, has taken a bold and decisive step in 2015 in establishing the role of Director of Talent as a position which sits alongside rather than within HR, and reports directly to the Board. Read more

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Could happiness help close the productivity gap?

50% of SME’s expect their output per worker to grow over the next two years and many companies will be looking to boost their productivity by utilising better processes, new technology, investing in additional training and moving towards a more flexible workforce. These are all common measures and come as no surprise but what about employee happiness as a means to boost productivity?
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